Relative XPath V5.7 Release Announcement

Hi all!

Katalon Studio v5.7 is now available! Feel free to experience the tool and provide your feedback.

We are introducing a brand new feature, Smart XPath Generator. Since the cost of maintaining a test is high when we choose the wrong locators, we proposed a solution called Relative XPath–it performs element localization by the element’s neighbors, rather than the element’s attributes or its ancestors. Thus, the relationship between an interactive element and its indicator in an item is likely to be preserved despite the dynamic orderings between items.

The intuitive UI of Katalon Studio allows you to drag and drop to change the priority, and the setting is only applicable to newly created test objects, not ones with pre-existing settings, therefore ensuring backward compatibility.

Read the detailed guide here.

Try it out!

Got feedback? Shoot away to help us improve this feature in future releases.

Happy testing!

The Katalon Team

Greate update Katalon team, thanks for all your hard-work :wink:


Your link is broken in the post, it’s missing the colon.

Thanks for the information.