Regarding Video conference testing

Video conference could be tested or not . Like speaker, microphone, camera are working properly or not. Video is working or not. During video conference the chatting functionality is working or not. During video conference the sharing functionality is working or not

This should be posted in the feature suggestions next time.

Hi, As per my experience I would suggest these type of functionalities should be tested manually than automation. Because of flaky in nature of these features during the development phase, manual way of testing can find more bugs than automation. As I know the current version of Katalo does not have ready-made features to test these type of functionalities. Maybe in future Katalon releases would come with some capabilities.

The way I ve done it was with some Arduino devices and better STAMP micro controllers. For sound you control the micro controller via serial or USB. The stamp can generate different sound waves that you can “listen” with another stamp controller. This is for sound. For video, I ve created my “own movie” for testing Video satellite receivers. I ve used a frame grabber and photo shop LUA scripts for image comparison.
For sound you have an easy solution if you are on windows. Play a video file with some speech on one end of the system and have speech to text installed on the other end. If Katalon can see text into says search window of Google then you know that the video and the sound are making it from one side to the other.