Recycle IIS App Pool through Katalon Studio

Hello all, is there a way to recycle the IIS app pool at all within Katalon Studio? Or is there an alternative such as running a powershell script, etc?


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This is a hard one. Katalon Studio does not link to IIS, so the only possible way to recycle it is calling command line to recycle its pool:

I have not tried this solution , but I can think of the following steps:
1. Create a .bat file which contains necessary command to recycle IIS pool.
2. In Katalon Studio scripting mode, use above .bat file like this:


Thanks for the reply Vinh Nguyen, that is what I was trying to find however am using Windows Server 2016 and I think there are issues using appcmd. If anyone else can help that would be great.

Got a little further with the above, but unfortunately it only works if I manually run the .bat file with Administration permissions, not sure if there is a way through Katalon Studio to do that.

Other option is there a way to pause the testing so that the user has time to recycle the app pool manually and then continue the test?

Another option could something like Jenkins or Octopus Deploy recycle the app pool? Trying to search the net for answers but not getting far.