Recording Mouse Hover action

Hi can someone help me on recording the mouse hover action. When I Record my scripts Hover action is not recorded. I can modify Modify the script and use the built in mouseOver keyword but How to record it?

Thank you

I am facing the same issue, can someone please suggest

I found a work around for this.

I have followed the below video and created a test object manually by specifying the xpath of the link which I want the mover over action for and then added this object to my script and it worked (note for me drag and drop is not working so I typed the actiones manually.

Sample: WebUI.mouseOver(findTestObject(’[folder of the test object]/[newly created folder with the xpath]’))


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‘Mouse Hover’ action can’t be recorded during recording session as it doesn’t know whether you mouse hover on an element or you click on it.

I’m not sure if the above video is helpful. You might want to try with this one:


I right click it when I’m recording, then change the command from right-click to mouseOver in the script. This way it records the object. Hope this helps!

Can I do a mouseover action in a custom keyword using TestObject.

Thanks Mate, it really helped to solve the hover issue also solved the unrecorded section by katalon.

No problem. I’m glad it was helpful.