Recorder should match existing Objects my selector path

Does anybody know if the recorder / spy matches the elements by it’s actual path instead of name? I noticed if i change a name for an element and then record tests steps with those same elements, the recorder does not pick up the renamed elements.

If this feature doesn’t exist it would be very useful.

Hi this would be very useful still, it’s time consuming trying to manage massive amounts of pageobjects, especially with the spy object / recorder as it assigns it’s default names to the elements, and you don’t know if that element already exists or not.

New behavior:

  1. first searches your object repository and tries to match by xpath / attributes / css
  2. if match is found
  3. display name should be name of object in repository

for example if element 1 exists it should show element1 instead of svg some crazy long xpath path as name

Please begging you to implement this, managing page objects with the crazy long names that the recorder puts as a default is kinda crazy.

So in closing basically match by selector, and if exists load it’s name as the default

@ThanhTo Can you please confirm if team is looking into this? it’s becoming a big headache.

Hi @ealiaj

Sorry for the late response, I must have missed this thread. Our team is discussing about this, and I will let you know.

Thanks, would be a very nice time saving feature.