Recorder does not record Print dialog in Chrome - neophyte

I am not a programmer nor a tester. I saw this tool and saw a way to automate several of my daily tasks on the internet. One task I am having problems with is printing the LA Times daily puzzle. I am 90% there. I am unable to record clicking the Print button on the Print dialog.
I start recording and here is what I do:
Go to Daily Crossword (recorded)
Wait until the ad completes
Click on the day’s puzzle (recorded)
Click Print (the default is a blank puzzle) (recorded)
The website displays what is to be printed
A Print dialog shows up, I click on Print - The tool does not record this action

What happens:
The tool goes to the site
The website shows the day’s puzzle
The tool selects blank
The tool selects Print
The website displays a page with all blanks
A Print dialog shows up

Why is the tool not recording the click on the Print?

Neat tool, I can see many uses for it. Thanks for any help.