Recorded script slows down while filling payment form


Issue: Recorded script slows down while filling payment form

Env details:
Windows laptop, 8GB RAM, Chrome 77.0.3865.90
Katalon Version: 7.2.1 (upgraded from 6.2.X)

I created a test case by recording steps. The test case includes accessing an e-com website, adding a product to the cart, start checkout process, fill shipping/billing address, filling payment details, click on the PAY button and stop on order confirmation page.
When I recorded and executed this test case on Catalon 6.2.X version, it executed smoothly without any delays. I later updraded Katalon to 7.2.1 and same test case started taking huge amout of time only while interacting with Checkout form. Rest all the steps execute same as previous version.

Payment form steps include:
selecting a radio button
Selecting a value from drop down to select card type (Visa)
Specifying name on card in text field
Specifying card number in text field
Selecting month from drop down
Selecting year from drop down
Specifying CVV in a text field
And finally, click PAY button to proceed to review page

The script gets slow on this page and this started after upgrading to Catalon Version 7.2.1.
I re-recorded the steps but the issue exists.

Hoping to get some resolution on this

Disable ‘smart wait’


I’ve had similar issues after upgrading, and as mentioned, you should try disabling smart wait (Project > Settings > Execution > Default Smart Wait). Especially if you have additional wait conditions built into your scripts already.

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Hi @Brandon_Hein, @bionel,

Thank you for providing your input. My problem is solved.