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Recorder is missing very basic functionalities:

  1. “ctrl + z”. You can’t undo now!!!
  2. Delete captured objects.
  3. Poor default object naming convention. Most of them time it exceeds the maximum 256 character limit of the file system.
  4. Very buggy when you try to replay the recorded steps. It automatically flips to recording mode and starts to re-record the steps that are being replayed.

Among those issues, you also can’t export the instructions (“Click a SomeLink”, etc) or at least the identifiers for the objects. This is obviously more useful for someone that’s only trying to use Katalon Studio for the recording, but something tells me that’s not super uncommon.

In fact, the Chrome Extension “Katalon Recorder” has exactly this functionality! You can hit the “{ } Export” button and it will even give it to you in a nice format:

click | id=someIdentifier |
type | id=someOtherIdentifier

Why this isn’t available in Katalon Studio is beyond me.

Numbers 1-3 are right on the head. These features would make such a difference. With regard to the file name, a small change if the name does exceed the limit is to not save the other elements which then requires you to replace/merge when saving again.

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My web have different UI and functionality when run on PC(computer, laptop) and SP(mobile device).
So I need to record 1 web testcase for PC and 1 web testcase for SP.
Is there any option to record web on mobile device?

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