Receiving random errors for Parallel Execution of Test Suites through KRE with Node locked license


We are facing issues when there is a parallel execution of test suites on node locked licensed version of KRE.

We have a web application which is making a call to KRE. So when multiple users hit the application concurrently then we are facing issues.

We were able to see successful result for parallel execution on trial version.
But that’s not the case once we had licensed version.
We are receiving random errors or, sometimes it works perfectly fine.
Please let us know if we can do any changes on our end to handle this.

An explanation of why trial version works fine for parallel execution and licensed version doesn’t would help us to understand more.

Couple of random errors we received for parallel execution are-

  • Error: Offline activation failed. org.eclipse.core.internal.resources.ResourceException: Could not set the project description for ‘C%%Users%sa-eztools%Documents%KatalonWebDevTesting%WebDev Testing.prj’ because the project description file (.project) is out of sync with the file system.
  • Error: org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.InvokerInvocationException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: commonlib/Common$_googleAnalyticsLink_closure4

Hi @deekshitha.m,

Please answer the below question to help us understand more about your context.

Do you run a single KRE with a test suite collections that has parallel execution mode on multiple test suites or run concurrently multiple KRE instances with a test suite in the same project location?

Hi @duyluong,

I am trying to run concurrently multiple KRE instances with a test suite in the same project location.

Hi @duyluong,
It would be helpful if you could share any information on this.


Hi @Katalon_team,
Can I get any information on this question.


Hi @deekshitha.m,

Currently, KRE does not support running concurrently multiple KRE instances for the same project location because when opening a project, KRE needs to recompile the project so it may affect the other running instances.

The only workaround here is cloning your project to multiple locations before running multiple KRE instances.


I am afraid, here you should not say positively “KRE supports xxx”. It’s misleading us.

You should rather say negatively “KRE does not xxx”. And add that “only workaround is cloning your project to multiple locations running KRE instances”.

@kazurayam I’ve updated my post. Thanks for your advice.


You previously recommended multiple Runtime Engine instances for parallel executions. Remember the following post of yours:

I wonder if Katalon Team still recommends it or not? Please discuss about it in the team and tell us your plan.

I am writing to myself at Christmas 2020.


Let me suppose I have 300 test cases to run everyday. These tests are independent each other. Theoretically I can execute them in parallel. All I want to achieve is to make sure that none of the 300 test cases fails. However it would take too long if I run them sequentially. Therefore I would desire executing tests in parallel; say 50 processes. If I run 50 processes in parallel on my single Mac laptop, it will burn out and stop. Then how can I do?

I would imagine a new solution — Distributed WebUI Testing on AWS. There I would have 50 instance of AWS Lambda which runs the Docker image of Katalon Runtime Engine (Task Nodes). Each Task node executes Katalon Test Suites. A single Manager Node dispatches the task to the Task Nodes, and collects the test results. Human user interacts with the Manager Node to monitor test progress and see the consolidated report.

OK. I will distribute tasks to AWS Lambda instances = multiple locations. No problem.

I found an AWS article “Distributed Load Testing on AWS”:

The architecture diagram in this published article looks describing what I am dreaming of.

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Thanks for sharing your great idea. We also advice our clients who use Jenkins to checkout their Katalon project to the generated sub folder for each run that also prevent the above limitation.

We are also researching to support running multiple KRE instances at the same location.

Thanks again and Merry Christmas


I think that the KRE license scheme would be most problematic. I would never afford KRE annual licenses for 50 Lambda nodes.

Katalon, why not you offer “Distributed WebUI Testing” solution in pay-as-you-go system in AWS Marketplace?

  • For Paid products, AWS Marketplace collects software charges from the customer.