[Recap] From Manual to Automated Testing: A Live Demo of Web Testing Automation

Hi all, :wave:

Thank you very much for participating in the second session of our Onboarding Webinar Series Season 2, please find a recording of the session below :point_down:

We will be updating this thread with a list of Q&A from the webinar, so stay tuned!

Once again, we would like to send a big shout-out to @Monty_Bagati, on of our Katalon Creator, who participated in this webinar to share with all of us his skills, knowledge, and experiences! :raised_hands:


Q: When using unique identifiers, do I need to select attribute locator to make sure it selects that? Must it be selected under object properties?

A: We can update the element locater setting at Project Level to work with Unique Identifier.

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Q: In this era where SDET roles in demand more than ever, does Katalon provide scriptless automation; specifically for experienced testers and for those with very little or zero knowledge on programming?

A: Yes, Katalon provides scriptless automation for users who have little to no coding knowledge. They could use Katalon Recorder.

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Q: We created a Unique Data Attributes, so do we select that ONLY when testing and not the Xpath?

A: Yes, we can update the element locater setting at Project Level to work with Unique identifier.

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Q: How can I handle Dynamic Objects?

A: Here is the detailed document to help you learn how to handle dynamic elements.

Q: Can we keep the self-healed objects in the test case?

A: Yes, you have to approve that in the console log at the bottom.

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Q: Can you set up demo for API testing with Postman integration?

A: Be sure to check out our upcoming webinar about API testing on 2023-08-29T15:30:00Z!

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Q: In the Web.UI to add unique attribute path is there a documentation for this?

A: Please refer to the documentation below for more information…

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