[Recap] Building Robust Mobile Automation Frameworks: A Step-by-step Guide

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Thank you very much for joining our most recent webinar Building Robust Mobile Automation Frameworks: A Step-by-step Guide, and we hope that you have been able to learn more about Katalon’s best features for mobile testing.

Please find the recording of the session below… :point_down:

We will be updating this thread with a list of all the questions and answers from the webinar, so stay tuned!

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Q: How could I run executions on TestOps agents using Katalon Runtime Engine?

A: The steps to meet this requirement are similar to the ones for test runs with TestCloud environments:

  1. Upload your tests to a Git repository - Work with Git in Katalon Studio | Katalon Docs

  2. Integrate Git with the Katalon Platform (TestOps) - Upload test scripts from the Git repository to TestOps | Katalon Docs

  3. Set up an agent - Create a local test environment with an Agent | Katalon Docs

  4. Go to Test Execution > Schedule Test Run

  5. Choose your tests > Choose Local Test Environment for Where to run > Select the agent.

  6. Click on the Schedule or Run button

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Q: How do we run the same Test Suite on multiple devices?

A: We can do the same with the help of Test Suite Collections, please refer to our documentation below :point_down:

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Q: How do we switch the automation execution control from one device to another? For example: Sending a WhatsApp message from device A and verify the received message on device B.

A: You can use Switch action.

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Q: Does Katalon have the option of having methods in the Script and calling the methods when needed? For example, a program and have method overriding.

A: Yes, in Katalon we have Custom Keywords, you can learn more about Custom Keywords by referring to our documentations below :point_down:

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Q: Which programming language does Katalon current support for scripting? Is it only Java?

A: Katalon supports as of now Groovy Scripts and Java

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Q: Can we export the Test Suite and import directly in the Test Runtime Engine only for execution?

A: Yes, we can use KRE for Test Executions but we need to give Test Suite folder path correctly. The path can be local or any repo path.

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Q: Can you provide me with documentation on how Cucumber Keyword function? Thanks.

A: Sure, below is a documentation on Cucumber keywords…

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Q: We run our Katalon Automation remotely (using Azure DevOps pipelines), on physical machines in our test lab. How would you recommend setting up physical or simulated devices?

A: If you want to run virtually you can use our TestCloud option where we have 300+ real devices available. For more details, please refer to our documentation below…

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Q: Katalon does an awesome job of downloading/updating/running relevant WebDriver. Any chance something similar could be applied for Appium, to download and run it from Katalon’s UI please?

A: Unfortunately, we currently do not have any direct option in Katalon to downgrade or upgrade the Appium version.

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