Read Write Excel Custom Keywords

Ok I downloaded the sample project, imported the updated jar, everything is working for me now! Well, at least in the sample files, I’ll go give my own project another try now, hopefully all is well now. Thank you very much for your help.

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Just wanted to check if we can automate the excel macros validations?
I tried a sample but it doesn’t work in Katalon.
Example;For ID I need to enter numbers and when we enter other characters it pops up with an error as please enter numbers only.
But in Katalon when I tried I was able to enter the characters in the excel file.
Please pour in your suggestions.

I got the Excel Keywords Plugin and am able to run the code. But getting an error when I try to setValueToCellByIndex. I am getting the error attached. I am not sure if I am missing any references or files to set values. I am able to get cell values without issues. The cell is blank in spreadsheet and should be set with a value during runtime.

String accexcel=“C:\Katalon Studio\SDWP_FlatIron Certification.xlsx”

workbook1 = ExcelKeywords.getWorkbook(accexcel)

sheet1 = ExcelKeywords.getExcelSheet(workbook1, “ISA Bulk Certification - SDWP”)
String ContractNumber = “1000012461”
String fieldvalue = ExcelKeywords.getCellValueByIndex(sheet1, 7, 7)

ExcelKeywords.setValueToCellByIndex(sheet1, 2, 2, ‘abc’) // I tried “abc”, but that didnt work either
ExcelKeywords.saveWorkbook(accexcel, workbook1)


Possibly you need to upgrade your Katalon Studio to ver7.1.2


Noor Yeaser Khan
December 24, 2019

Updating to version 7.1.2 resolved this issue. Thanks a bunch! :smiley: