React select remove selections

I have a scenario, where i need to remove values that are already selected.

The field is a react-select one - more than one value.
Need to remove all selected values.

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Hi there,

Could you provide us with a screen recording or anything like that so we could better acknowledge your current situation?


I need to remove all tags except in for example

What happens when you scrape the DOM for the elements you want to remove (i.e. the widgets you need to wait for exists, click, and wait for not exists)?

It sounds like you’re ready to reply with all that HTML…

Even with React there is often unique ids generated, even if these ids are randomised, it’s possible to create some kind of logic that would remove all but the ‘in’ tag, and with XPath use of things such as ‘contains’ and stacked properties within the XPath, you could potentially isolate it to the related text input field and only impact entries you want gone, but without more details, without a screencast, or any attempted steps, it’s too little information to offer anything much useful.