[Random Saturday] Which languages do you speak, or want to learn?

Welche Sprachen spricht ihr, oder möchtet ihr lernen?

As you can see from the sentence above, I am currently learning German (just completed A1 level), and let me tell y’all, it was not easy memorizing all the gendered nouns, the case system, the way the adjectives change form slightly depending on how they are being pair together with a masculine, a feminine, or a neuter noun :exploding_head:, and let’s not forget about the verb conjugation :weary: (the sentence above use “ihr” as in “you” but plural and not formal).

However, as challenging as German may be for someone who got used to how English works, I can still appreciate some aspect of it such as the fact that it only got six verb tenses compared to English’s twelve :woozy_face:, and how their pronunciation is more consistent than in English.

Let me know below how many languages do you currently speak, what they are? And is there any additional language that you want to learn, or already learning?

And share with us some of the quirks of your language as well :point_down:


Latvian !!!


Spanish !!!


Do you speak any other languages aside from your mother tongues and English? @Monty_Bagati @dineshh

Or… did you face any difficulty whilst learning English (if that is your second language)?

For me it was the “th” sound, I remember always pronouncing “three” like “tree” way until I was 18 :rofl:

And is there any features from your first language that you would consider as superior to English, or wish that English would adopt?

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I can only speak English and Hindi fluently. There is one more dialect In northern India : Punjabi /Dogri that I somehow manage.

I sometime have some fumble with pronouncing the word " vulnerable" that I try to avoid and use some other synonym like “exposed”

I speak enough Spanish to carry a conversation, and enough English to write a novel :laughing:


waiting for the novel!

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Hindi and little bit of Kanada, Malayalam, Tamil to chit chats with frnz. each language is unique on its own. it will adapt and evolve

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Me too! And especially with the noun of that word “vulnerability”, that one is a tongue twister.

Oh, and is your homeland India? Or maybe you have relatives there? Or did you learn Hindi because you love the culture and so on?

I also have plans to learn Spanish … maybe sometimes in the future after I have conquered German.

That said, how similar do you think Spanish and English are on a percentage scale? Is there any differences in grammar, pronunciation, etc.? It is still SVO, right?

@albert.vu : born and bought up in Kashmir , India


Grammar, sentence structure, pronunciation are all pretty different. In America we have exposure to the language with our neighbors to the south, so we end up stealing a lot of words/phrases from each other, which makes the learning a bit easier.


Some follow up questions for y’all:

  • When learning a new language, do you prefer to focus on reading & writing skills, or listening and speaking skills, or all of them? (for example, my English listening, reading, and writing skills are fine, but my speaking skills will never be able to be on par with that of a native speaker :cry:)

  • Do you ever noticed how after you have gotten a good grasp of a second or third language, you started to forget words from your first language? Or maybe even in the second and third language as well? I read somewhere that said our brain is like a hard drive, and hence, can only contain so much information before we need to forget to some memories to make room for new ones :thinking:

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I speak fluently Python, Groovy and Java.
A bit of Javascript, Ruby and C/C++.
Willing to learn R and Rust.