Questions Regarding MongoDB C100DBA Associate Exam

I’m currently preparing for the MongoDB Associate DBA (C100DBA) exam. I’m doing practice and am stuck with some problems. A little help would be appreciated.

I have the following document with collections named ‘c’:


{ “_id” : 12, b : [ 3, 5, 7, 2, 1, -4, 3, 12 ] }

How do I return only the first five elements of the array in the ‘b’ field?

I’m using this db.c.find( { b : [ 0 , 5 ] > ) which is not working.

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The answer should be in the MongoDB doc.
You may need an aggregation expresion in the projection, e.g:


OK, thank you for clarifying what is this community for.

Thanks for sharing the doc. Already have gone through it but could not find the solution.

well, i cannot help you more.
i don’t have a mongodb setup at my hands to replicate your usecase.
and, in the end, it is you attempting to be certified, so do your homeworks.

hint: even if you may be tempted to ask on stackoverflow (which is by far a better resource to look/ask for such solutions) do not mention “i wanna be certified”
RTFM will be the standard answer and the most honest!

cheers! kindly close it.

You are missing the $slice projection operator. Use it to specify the number of elements in the array to return in the query result.

db.c.find( { > , { b : { $slice : [ 0 , 5 ] } } )

I’d recommend this source as I found it helpful during my exam preparation. Here you can find these types of questions with answers.


Great, it worked. Thank you @SJames.

Got it @bionel thanks for the advice.

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