Question about KS and KSE

I’m glad to write to you all => Community.

Would you mind if I ask some questions about KS and KSE?

1- My company haven’t yet decide to go to KSE because the information are not clear for them.

Firstly, I install KSE 7 with an other address mail… Normally afert 1 month, the licence change to KS… Actually 3 months gone, and I can also use data test driving, my test suite has a report…

So we can’t decide ; rest with KS (with KS; we ignore the functionality after 30/40)… if we change to KSE, my company hesitate with 1500$ /year.

2- Can you please explain also " Connect to Git with SSH" for KS… so what is the Git alternative?

Please, can you bring more information to us.

Best regards


1/ Data driven testing and Test Execution Report is available in both KS and KSE. Combining multiple data sources for data driven testing and Report History View is available only in KSE. We encourage to use KSE because it’s designed for enterprises, and thus has more extensive features and support. The difference can be found in this brochure:

2/ SSH connection to Git is a type of secure Connection to Git. You can still have Git Integration plugin for both KS and KSE, but if you are an enterprise and secure connection is a priority then KSE is the way to go. I don’t think it makes sense to consider alternatives to Git in this case.