Publishing a SDK sub-package of your Keywords

I have a huge keywords code base, most of it business logic. (From early on in the lifecycle of this project I have taken on last year, I have refactored the testspace from “manual mode” “low-code” bloat, to high-code-but-highly-effective code base that is heavy on “Custom Keywords” but modular af and easy to reason about.

This code base consist mostly of business logic (e.g. models, page classes, business-logic-specific utils inside the utils classes (e.g. stuff about NPI numbers inside SMDNumberUtils)), that, for obvious reason, I don’t want published into the exported SDK. However, there’s a small backbone of general WebUI utils, record handlers, base model list builders, base model factory class, benchmark utils, … that I do want to make publish core SDK out of.

How can I do so, creating this SDK as a child code project of my main project, and publish this child project to the Katalon Keyword Store…?

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I do not really see what is your question.

Are you asking us how to create a jar file which contains your classes compiled from the sources in the Keywords/groovy folder?

Katalon Studio offers no built-in support for creating a jar of custom Keyword classes. You need to invent it for yourself.

I did it (create a jar file of custom classes out of Katalon poject) many times. Let me show you an example. I always use Gradle build tool.

If this does not help and you have other issues, please elaborate it.

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This is what I was looking for at the time!

Thank you so much! You are a godsend to this forum!!

Ima bookmark this, to come back to it when I have time for it!

NOTE: I’ll probably have more questions about this later on… I’ll see you on here at that time!