Proxy auth not submitting correctly

I have noticed that when authenticating with the proxy server the username parameter is not passed in the test suite. This results as Katalon not authenticating correctly and on the Open Browser keyword execution the webpage loads an auth pupup for the proxy connection.

Here’s more details about the test i was attempting to execute:

This is the screenshot of the problem, Katalon doesn’t authenticate Chrome to the proxy server:

These are my proxy settings:

And this is my test code:

After running the test this are the environment variables where the proxy username is not present:

This is the html report i’ve exported:

I appreciate help or feedback of any kind

Please check if the value of Username and Password you set in the Preferences>Katalon>Proxy dialog:

Does the credential match the username/password which your Proxy require? Are you really sure you did not make any typo?

The reason why I ask this? In the proxy nomob — Postimages you showed your Username value to be testp.

testp looks to be a abbreviation of test password. Why not you type testu standing for test user? Isn’t it a typo?

the proxy is still running. the infos are correct. Right now i used the proxy on chrome and it works fine with those credentials

I reproduced the problem on my pc.

In the Test Suite Report>ExecutionEnvironment tab> proxyInformation:

I confirmed that username=**** is not shown, as cookieontube reported.

However, what you see in the ExecutionEnvironment tab may not necessarily prove how exactly browsers behaved when it communicates to the URL via Proxy.

On the other hand , in the ExecutionSettings tab, username=**** is shown:

These finding indicates, I think, there seem to be some problem in Katalon Studio. But I can say no more.


Have you traced messages interchanged between

  • Katalon Studio <–> browser, and
  • browser <–> proxy

using a network protocol analyzer such as Wireshark to see if Katalon Studio sends proxy username to browsers or not?

Or, simply you can ask Katalon team to investigate it, of course.

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Unfortunately i can’t use wireshark, but i’ve captured the conversation between my ip and the proxy.
This is the wireshark file:

@Katalon team

It’s your turn.

they should respond or how do we know they’ve read the post?

I invited @YoungNgo , @devalex88 , @Zarashima to this issue. I expect any one of them would respond to this.

Thank you for the report. We will investigate and get back to you soon.

Me too same issue!