Provide vertical divider on the site pages

I’m finding it irritant that the main content we want to see is squeezed in the center column and occupies a meager 40% of the browser width while the other sections waste the remaining 60% space.
Please, provide a vertical divider that saves the preference in a cookie when I adjust so it will not aggravate us every time we land on your pages.

Not sure you’ll get much traction with this. The forum uses discourse, a fairly well-known piece of O/S software.

If you don’t like the layout, you can use Tampermonkey and customize the site any way you want.

Not an acceptable answer but thanks for trying… Katalon should have a better page appearance… it looks quite “cooked in the backyerd” (yes, backyerd)…

Please define “acceptable answer”.

Katalon? Or the forum?

What level of aggravation are you talking about? What metric are you using? And who is “us”?