Provide a setting to "export" report - this will reduce manual effort of extracting the report

Currently inorder to export pdf /Html report we need to right click on >> export report as >> navigate to specific path to save the report.
( KatalonStudio/ProjectName(XXX)/Reports/CurrentReportNo(XXX))
When there are many test suites… for which report need to be generated - it becomes a painful task for exporting report one by one and saving it to specific report folder.

Providing a setting to “export” report in different formats will help user to export report effortlessly.

As how a video is captured to specific report folder - when the setting is selected.(Project >> Settings>>Report)

Similar setting for exporting reports will be a key factor for Katalon Studio in terms for reporting.

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Hi @Yadav,

Thank you for your suggestion. This feature is already planned in our backlog for future implementation. I don’t have the estimation when it will be released as other higher priority tasks. Please check back regularly for our update.

Thanks again for choosing Katalon products,

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