Project suddenly takes over half an hour to open! - How to cleanup?

A project I’m currently working on took only a few seconds to open until yesterday, and now suddenly over half an hour! Yesterday I last added the Apache commons-net library to the drivers directory and I already developed a first keyword on it, but even if I now delete this jar file and the .classpath and all files in the /bin folder (the latter two should be recreated on startup) and use the project cleanup function, nothing changes.

Is there still any trick how to force a cleanup of the project or investigate the reasons?

I’m using Katalon Studio version 5.10.1 build 1

The step where the opening process stops for so long is “Refreshing explorer”, when the progress bar has reached approximately the beginning of the last third. Any other ideas I can try?

Try deleting the Libs folder, too.

Thanks, Russ, for your idea, but that didn’t help either. :disappointed_relieved:

Fortunately fixed. What I didn’t know was that Katalon Studio seems to be trying to parse everything it finds in the /Data Files directory. I had previously stored there all the data I needed for and created during test execution. It would have been wiser to think up an own folder name like kazurayam with its material class, which Katalon Studio doesn’t monitor itself at all. :wink:


Good catch, Drunda. And great you posted the fix.

Perhaps turn this into a tip and post it under Tips and Tricks?

Ok, just done: How to free a project from annoying and time-consuming ballast :wink:

thanks bro for this. I had this issue for few couple of days. And this solution works like a charm. Finally no more waiting to load the project