Project Settings > Execution > WebUI > Default Time Capsule: a verb "Disable", or an adjective "Disabled"?

In a Katalon Studio WebUI project, you can select Project Setting > Execution > WebUI,

in this dialog displayed

  • Default Time Capsule Enable/Disable.

I think it is wrong to use a verbe “Disable” here. You must use an adjective “Disabled” instead.


When I have the option is set to be Default Time Capsle Disable, I looked at the file <projectDir>/settings/internal/, that option is serialized as

Here the setting is expressed by an adjective Enabled that has a boolean value false, which means a status being “Disabled”.

Therefore I think that the dialog should rather say

  • Time Capsule is Enabled
  • Time Capsule is Disabled

Another option “Default Smart Wait — [Enable/Disable]” is also problematic.


Hi Kazu,

Your report was understandable with changing Enable/Disable to Enabled/Disabled.

However on execution.default.webUi.timeCapsuleEnabled=false, I’m not quite sure what you mean, the set is Disabled and Enabled=False express just that (Yes it’s might be a little confuse),

So as my understanding this should be adjust to execution.default.webUi.timeCapsuleDisabled/Enabled without using the boolean?

Is there any part in KS that might cause you the same problem beside this beside the 2 you mentioned?

Thank you,

i find no problem here.

i dont see what you mean here

Got you Kazu, working on it as we speak.