Profiles not being committed in git

Whenever i do a commit in Katalon, the profiles section (other than default) doesn’t get committed. Is there any setting in Katalon which I need to change to address this ?
I’m using katalon studio 7.2.6


Please share your <projectDir>/.gitignore file.

Please find the attached screenshot. gitignore

In the .gitignore file, you have a line of


This is the very reason why Profiles are not being committed into the Git repository.

Why do you have this line? Did you write it? or somebody else wrote it? You should clarify why — it could be a case that the man who wrote Profiles/* wanted others NOT to commit the Profiles.

How to fix? Just remove the line of Profiles/* out of the .gitignore file.

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Thank you so much. Somebody else wrote the line as that time multiple users were using the katalon scripts. But now, it’s necessary to commit profiles. I’m able to commit profiles now. Thanks.