Profiles:Is the a way to cusom the profiles values?

I am facing a no common scenario, I nedd to execute a test suite collection for diferentes sites, the information that I will received comes from an external application, the data that I wil lreceive is: site, user, password. all of this values are differents some times, so, I would like to use a csv file where all this information will be storage, so I would like to consume this information from Profiles in katalon, I notice that Profile feature does not include a tab or something like that to import values from external file. do you know How can I solved this problem?


Execution Profile is not a convenient gateway to import data from CSV into your test runtime.

Katalon Studio is designed with an assumption that Execution Profile is static; the values in Execution Profile will be hand-written, would NOT be changed dynamically.

You should rather use

Or, your Test Case script can read the *.csv file directly without KS intervening. In some cases this is the easiest.

If your project require complex configuration, the following post might be interesting for you:

With a combination of Data Driven testing (Excel as a data source) and my ExecutionProfileLoader (loading multiiple Execution Profiles), you can enjoy good flexibility of configuring a Katalon test project.