Problems with IDing FB text boxes

Dear fellow Katalonians,

I’m using Katalon Recorder for quite a while now and I love it since it’s saving me so much time. I never had a problem with it so far but I’m now stuck with IDing text boxes on Facebook. I’d like to use Katalon Recorder to auto-crosspost on the many Facebook groups that I administrate. I was hoping that someone might ID and then paste here the ID of Facebook Groups’ text boxes and above all the hidden layer that pops up when clicking on a text box (so I can then use the command settext or sendkeys on it). Since both, the text box itself as well as the hidden layer, are dynamic I failed IDing them since when recording the script in Katalon Recorder the respective IDs will no longer be valid after refreshing/revisiting the Group page. I can’t use the screenshot ID function neither since I am using Katalon Recorder as mentioned. Fingers crossed someone might be willing to look into this and paste me working IDs of the mentioned elements (you obviously must have a Facebook account and be a member of any Facebook group in order to see/ID the text box).

thanks in advance


I remain to be convinced that this is a legitimate use of Katalon. It strikes me that any solution posted here could be used to abuse its intended purpose. (@ThanhTo, @duyluong)

One thing is clear, you are not testing Facebook - correct?

In the meantime, I’ll defer and wait to see how this thread develops.

hi russ,

yes, you are right I am not testing it as I said I’d like to use it to save me time when crossposting to the Facebook groups I admin. I wasn’t sure in which sub forum to post this, please move it if needed. I am not sure what you mean by legit use though. I mean Katalon Recorder is Freeware so I can use it, it’s a legit copy.



I wasn’t questioning your personal use of the software. I expressed quite clearly my reservations that your intended purpose, and any solution provided, might be used for abuse. Here it is again, strengthened:

I remain to be convinced that this your intended purpose is a legitimate use of Katalon. Others may take any provided solution and use it for less than legitimate reasons.

I think that’s clear. I am of the opinion (based on ~30 years posting to a zillion forums/BBSs) that cross posting is at best frowned upon. Auto-cross posting I file in the same box as spam.

I’ll say no more regarding my reservations.

To the question at hand: Identifying dynamic elements gets easier as your HTML/DOM experience grows. There is definitely a solution to your problem. I could create one - but I don’t have, never have had, nor will I ever have, a FB account. Sorry. :upside_down_face:

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thx, russ. I got you now but I never heared that auto crossposting is forbidden so I don’t think we have a problem there. Since I admin many groups it just saves me time since I often post the same post/content on all of them. I don’t see how that could be forbidden and using katalon just faciliates this procedure.

Since I’m unable to write the script myself as mentioned (I’m still a noob when it comes to Katalon) I cross fingers someone might help me out.



I don’t think you do.

Two things:

  1. I’d be very surprised if auto cross posting is not banned anywhere on the internet.
  2. Who is “we”? There’s only you and me. I certainly don’t have a problem since I am not involved.

I understand perfectly your reasoning and your wish.

Perhaps your need is blinding you to the possibilities - either that or you’re deliberately refusing to see it.

Seeing that @duyluong has supported my answer above, I’m electing to close this thread since any answer provided is likely to raise red flags.