Problems importing old format Selenium test suite

I opened an old format Selenium test suite file and was prompted to import the test case files. I clicked the browse link, selected all the files in the old test suite as listed in the import dialog, clicked open, and the test suite opened in Katalon.

However, not all the files were imported, some of them were imported with their name set to “New test”, there was one instance of a duplicate file name (whose contents were different), and they were listed in alphabetical order, not the order they are referenced in the test suite file.

I was able to drag/drop the test cases into the correct order, and rename the New test files and duplicate file but I cannot find a way to add the test case files that were not imported. Is that possible?

In addition, there does not seem to be a way to open an individual test case file, only test suites. Is that possible?

The original test case files were created in Firefox. I’ve tried the above in Firefox (59.0.2) and in Chrome (65.0.3325.181), both on OSX 10.12 (Sierra).


Could you please send us your test cases to for investigation?