Problem with record line breaks


With the record interface in katalon studio, i click right on a text with lines breaks and choose “verify element text”.

Line 1 - Hello
Line 2 - World

When i replay the recorded scenario, the actual text and the record text don’t match (cause of line breaks).

Could you optimize the record?
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Hi Chivet,

The Line 1 and 2 should be split by a “,”. Could you attach an actual video on usecase to clarify the request (how the text is not matching, is the 2 lines belong in 1 elements)? That would really help.



Here is an exemple.

I recorded this text (cf. capture) and when i replay the test, it doesn’t work.

Hope this help.

Hi @chivet,

I’ve tried to record the description of this post and it works fine like below image:

From your example, I have an assumption that you’ve chosen an element including 2 different elements. Could you please provide us its HTML (you could change the value inside the elements if it’s credential)?

Nam Nguyen.


Thank you for your answer.

Here is the HTML example:

    <span>ST FTEST</span>

Best regards.

Hi @chivet,

I’ve created an HTML file with the example, but the result contains all texts in one line like this: “OPTEST ST FTEST”.
In my opinion, although the “span” tag nests in “p” tag, they are 2 different elements and we should verify them individually.

Nam Nguyen.

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Thank you for your answer.

The problem is that I can’t register “OP TEST” without register “ST FTEST” ; so I can’t verify the string “OP TEST”.
Moreover, with an IDE register, it is not very practical to have to know the source code to make a register (by example, it is not a competence of our test jobs).

Thank you by advance for your solution.

Best regards,

@vu.tran support ticket created