Problem with highliting the object

I connected my device and clicked on the Mobile Object Spy button on the main toolbar, then From the Mobile Spy Object screen ,I browsed to my mobile application file, Katalon Studio analyzed the Mobile App UI.

The problem is that after selecting any object from All Objects. The selected element isn’t highlighted

I tried with another device Android version 6 and it worked fine.

Thanks Hung and Vinh For your quick response :slight_smile:

I’m testing on:

Katalon Studio version: 4.5.0

Appium version:

Android versio: 4.2.2

Hi Nada,

Could you tell me which Katalon Studio version, Appium version and Android version you’re using for further investigation?


Hi there,

Thanks for your information. First, please help to update your android version to either 6 or 7, 4 is current too out of date, so that possible a reason ( After upgrading your android version, please try to spy again :slight_smile:

If above solution doesn’t work out for you, please help us to send your appium.log which is generated in project folder. If you could send us your apk file, that would be great too.


Hi Nada,

Do you have any screenshots which showcase your issue as well? :slight_smile: