Problem with Google chrome 74

Hi all,
With the new version of chrome I can’t record tests and I can’t play them. Any suggestions?

I have win10 laptop. Can you please suggest me?

Go to the path i mentioned ->Katalon_Studio_Windows_64-6.1.1\configuration\resources\drivers
Here you will find the chrome driver.
Click on -> You will get chromedriver.exe file after extraction.
All you need to replace the Katalon driver folder chrome driver with the Driver .exe file you have downloaded.
Hope it will works for you.

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Where does this folder exist on Mac OS?


Hi @brian1,

The chromedriver folder of Katalon Studio on macOS is:


Same location bro. Find Katalon Studio installation folder .

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I faced the same issue today. Thanks for the solution, worked perfectly :slight_smile:


I was able to run it yesterday and it was working fine, when I try to run it today I encountered the same issue, Is that normal? May I know the reason why it happens?

Thanks in advance.

update to new version (katalon studio version 6.3.2) . it was solved automatically . but new version don’t have result folder in test explorer tree … each run it was creating new folder in exiting result folder ( it was common for all test cases in projects ) you need to open manual .

hello Abhishek,

I am not able to delete the existing chrome exe

@chithram, you can rename existing!!