Problem to structure the test with cucumber

Hi everyone,

I just started working with automated tests in a company and I’m looking for better automation tools and options for this.
I started studying and researching Katalon and really enjoyed it, but I’m facing a lot of troubles to organize my log hierarchically and giving more freedom for those who will run the tests without changing the scripts, using Cucumber (Cause they don’t have enough knowledge).

So, let’s introduce the problem:

If i run the feature induvidually, all the scenarios and inputs for them will be in one unified log. I would like the results to show up one by one, helping to maintain the code and finding the problem that the test isn’t passing.
To solve both problems, i tried using both, Test Case and Test Suite, to manage the features, scenarios and inputs, but i failed. Does anyone have any ideia on how to do that?

For exemple:

I’ve created one feature with two scenarios, one logging successfully and another failing. I get the result above:

In one input, the successful login has failed, but i get that the whole feature have failed and don’t get where the failing part is.

Best regards, José Pereira.


There’s a dedicated forum for BDD stuff. Try posting there.

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I did it, thx Russ. Should i remove this one?