Press Enter key without element defined

is it possible to send Enter key without defining the element?
I am using this command | sendKeys | | ${KEY_ENTER} |
But getting the error Element not found
What i want to do, is to bypass recaptcha. When I press TAB and then ENTER with physical keys, then the checkbox is ticked and i am able to proceed. I am trying to do the same over Katalon recorder. TAB key command is working, but ENTER does not, as I am not able to make it work.

I wish somebody answered the question posted above - Press Enter key without element defined
even I am facing the same issue. Kindly respond please.

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I’d like to know this, too. I’d like to know how to press any key without an element having to be defined.

Fortunetly i don’t need sendKeys command rgiht now but acctually this command not work properlly in my case. I just try to use this command on search bar on this page, my log:

[info] Executing: | sendKeys | //*[@id=“search-term”] | ${KEY_ENTER} |

[info] Expand variable ‘${KEY_ENTER}’ into ‘’