Preferences > General > Editors > Autosave does not work

Im using KS v8.2.5 on macOS 12.1. I can change Preferences > General > Editors > Autosave enabled

But acutually Autosave never works.

Does Katalon Team intentionally ignore this Autosave?


Unfortunately Katalon Studio hangs sometimes; I have to forcibly quit it. Then I will lose unsaved code changes. I have got tired of clicking the SAVE ALL button. If “Autosave” is really enabled, it would make my time with KS easier.

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Hi @kazurayam

Katalon Studio hasn’t supported AutoSave yet. I apologize for the confusion caused by the UI error. AutoSave is handy for users and we have a plan for supporting it.

Happy Testing,


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Any update on this?

No update on this?

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