Possible launch Appium with server args?

Due i have test cases which i need to run with adb shell, i need to set appium server security to relaxed-security which is like mentined in Server Security - Appium.
Is it possible to run appium server with args in katalon?

Hi @zethyscythe

If you launch the test using Android, iOS execution, Katalon Studio will automatically launch Appium server and don’t have this feature to allow add more arguments. You can raise this feature request at: https://github.com/katalon-studio/katalon-studio/issues

The workaround solution here is launch Appium server by yourself and use Remote execution in Katalon Studio. Here is a guideline to setup Appium server and connect to Katalon: How to configurate Desired Capabilities of Remote execution for Mobile test

Hi @duyluong

It seems it has already been raised before in https://github.com/katalon-studio/katalon-studio/issues/305. Hope this feature will be added soon as this will come very handy in the future.

For the workaround, yes it seems it is the only feasible solution i can use currently.Thanks for the help.


Hi @zethyscythe, I am not able to use the work around to make relaxed-security work. If it worked for you can you please provide some details?


just what i need