Populate DB with NodeJS tool

Hi experts,

Is there a way to run the NodeJS tool to reset and populate the database by selecting the correct data folder?

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Some people consider me an expert but this question baffles me, sorry.

Node is a server-based technology written in JavaScript. What is “the NodeJS tool”?

What is “the database”? Which database are you referring to? Any generic database?

What does “by selecting the correct data folder” mean? Selecting what data folder? Where? Select it with what?

Please read this and try to come back with a reasoned response - thanks:

I’m not even sure this question belongs in the Katalon Community forums… @jmontiel What’s the connection to this tool?

Hi Thomas,

Sorry for this unclearity. Actually the developers has set up this part in selenium. To give you more context:

We were using Selenium Webdriver in visual studio to reset and populate the testdata in the database of our web app to be able to run our automated tests with fresh test data before each test.

So We have there a project test-fixture-tool where we use json files with all the configuration needed for each company. We have json files for companies and json files for users. And then we have to run the NodeJS tool that resets the database of the selected test environment and populate the test data by selecting the correct data folder where we have all the json files. Is it more clear?

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Katalon Studio uses WebDriver and supports Selenium code (written in Java).