Pop-up screen button is not detected by Katalon recorder

I’m testing an XCP build application and the default pop up for uploading file has a add button which is not detected by the recorder, it is one of the basic feature of the application. Need help in figuring out the issue

You could have a look at following tutorial for uploading feature. https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-studio/docs/webui-upload-file.html

Already checked this tutorial, the problem is that the button id is not detected by Katalon

Hi asultan!

Can you provide us the website or the html source code so we can check if the button id does exist.


The website is deployed on local server and it is not possible to share the html source, can we please have a call session to discuss this issue?


I maybe have time end of day (around 5 pm cet). give me your contact details and I will try to help you if you have the time then.

Sure, my skype id is asif.sultan4