Pop-up modal Set Text

I’ve a trouble with set text item which should enter a text into fields which are located on the modal window.
I’ve tried to use Set Focus and Switch to window title solutions, but it won’t help.
So, i really can use a hand here…



Anyone, please! I need some advice…

What is your current trouble here? Katalon Studio can’t find those input fields?

It finds them easily (i mean verify task complete successfully). But when you run a test case, it doesn’t fill this fields by necessary data (and give no error). The step looks like successful, but visually i don’t see this and then after these steps, validation by input works (which means that fields are empty).
however it says that setting text was successful, which is very very weird…


Can you use ‘Send Keys’ instead? You can use the same input as well

Yay, it works!
I thought Send Keys could be used only by one Key, e.g. “v”,“l”,“a”… and so on…
Many thanks!