Pop Up dismissal problem

When going on https://app.vonage.com/ , after logging in, there is a pop-up referring the user to a desktop up.
I’ve been trying many different ways I found to get rid of this pop up (escape key press, alerts acceptance etc.) but non of them work.
Would truly appreciate your help!

As I’m usually weary of following external links, we will need some more information posted here from you.

Please give this a read:

Namely, we need to see the html of the popup. A screenshot of the actual popup in your browser would also be nice.

The pop is up manually dismissed by many methods - escape key, “Open Vonage Business” button, Cancel button and more. Non of these could be automated using the tools like java robot, send keys, alert keywords etc.

Hey, thanks for the response. This is the pop up, let me know if I can give any other information.

And just a reminder…

Right click beside the Cancel option of the pop-up and select “Inspect” (or hit CTRL+SHIFT+i). You may have to do it twice to get the code where you want. Either create a new TO of the Cancel option or show the HTML code here for us to assist you.