Pop Up Calendar on non editable field

Hey Guys,

I need to change a date through a popup calendar

To open the calendar I have to click on a not updatable field.
The related html is here

Is there another way to update the date/time without the calendar ?

Many thanks for your help

There are probably a few ways.

I would use JavaScript and insert the value directly. However, if your purpose is to test the calendar, then you should try to click the control to force the calendar to pop up. You can use JavaScript to do that, too.

Lastly, you should always try a search:


Hi Thomas,
Your solution is perfect ! Thanks a lot
Here my script

String CalendarFrom = ''' document.querySelector("input[name = 'startdate-datepicker']").value="2020/04/10 - 15:20"; '''
	WebUI.executeJavaScript(CalendarFrom, null)

Have a nice week.