Polish characters don't work in 7.2.6 / sendKeys / Selenium

I have download 7.2.6 version and again polish characters don’t work.
I’m trying to send keys. I located element by xpath in script mode using Selenium and I got only “n l a e z c z” not
the phrase I entered.
lettersXpath= “//input[@id=‘el_przyczynaSwiadczenia’]”
WebElement letters = driver.findElement(By.xpath(lettersXpath))
letters.sendKeys(“ń ł ą ę ż ć ź”)

Hi @katarzyna.przybysz,
Why don’t you use Katalon built-in keyword setText(...)?

Hi @huynguyen,
I wanted to try something new so I’m writing test in Katalon with Selenum.
It’s easier for me to paste xpath in script mode directly using driver.findElement(By.xpath…

Hi @huynguyen,
It doesn’t work while I typing WebUI.setText(…).
I have global variable with polish letter and I try to call it:

My global varialbe:
name: x
value: Ze wskazań

My phrase:
WebUI.setText(findTestObject(‘el’), GlobalVariable.x)

Value which Katalon typing in input:
Ze wskazan

What can I do to resolve this problem?

Polish characters don’t work in 7.4.0 still. I am trying to send keys from excel.

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