[Plugin Creation] TestCase option interface


I can not create an interface built into the test cases.

Do you have an example of a plugin with an interface? (as the integration of qTest / Jira)

Thank all

What kind of screens (e.g. configuration screens or something else) do you want to add?

Thank you for your answer. Here is what I want to create `:

This screen was implemented in the core, but we are adding this capability to the plugin platform - you will have it soon.


thank you,

i see a extension :

What is it?

That’s what I mentioned above (and similar to your screenshot). This extension will be used for Jira integration-alike plugins. It is still WIP.

Hi @Dino
Yes, that is the interface allows you can create the view you showed above, like qTest and JIRA integration.
Just create your own TestCaseIntegrationViewDescription and put it in plugin.xml with this format:

           id="<your extension id>"
           implementationClass="<name of your implementation class>"

Btw, we are implementing an generic integration plugin that helps others can start their integration project easier.


Thank you for your reply.

I think a generic project would be the best way to start developing plugins.