Plugin Console Installation

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I’m initiating the console test run with a Powershell script. Adding the apikey parameter (linked to my account with only the basic report plugin added) does not result in an HTML report being generated.

Being dependent on the HTML reports for our automation workflow, I’m left with no choice but to stick with older Katalon release versions.

@cronje.vanheerden did you solve you issue? I have the same and I’m trying to find solution.

For all the other parameters in my Powershell wrapper I had to use escape quotes e.g. -browserType="“Chrome”" for the cli parameters, and I added the in the same format -apikey="""", removing all quotes e.g. -apikey= got things running for me. (Also, of course the user account linked to apikey must have the plugins configured used in the project).

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Ok, I’ve fixed my issue, Thanks!

How do I run plugins from JAR files in console mode?