Please update the katalon-studio-testing-framework repository

I have a problem on Katalon Studio 7.1.2 especially about the com.kms.katalon.core.util.internal.ProxyUtil class. I wanted to read the source. I looked for the source code disclosed on Github at

and found the repository is outdated. It contains the source of v7.0.1 while the current version is 7.1.2.


Please update the disclosed source code repository to make it up to date.


I want to read the source of the WebUI.verifyAllLinksOnCurrentPageAccessible keyword. Why? See the following discussion:

I could not find enough information in the repository. Possiblly, that github repository is left old, not updated for a long time. It would be great if you disclose the source of recently-added built-in keywords.


You can go to Katalon Studio the latest version and see the source code for yourself. In the script view of any test case, press ctrl + shift + T on Windows (or cmd + shift + T on Mac), search for verifyAllLinksOnCurrentPageAccessible.

And you can see the source code of the keyword:

Does that work for you ?

Unfortunately not.

As I wrote in How to find the inaccessible links on a webpage , I wanted to find out if the keyword checks <img> elements or not. The portion you showed above does not tell it to me.

I needed to read the source of WebUiBuildtInKeywrds.getAllLinksOnCurrentPage() in full detail. I found that the implementation of this method is further modularized, I needed to go deep into the bunch of modules. And eventually I could not find the code which is actually scanning a web page for so-called “links”. I would be glad if you point me to the URL of that portion of code.


Using the above method, the class GetAllLinksOnCurrentPageKeyword retrieves all links on the page.

In the class VerifyLinksAccessibleKeyword, you can see the portion of code that sends the request to each link.

I can not see, out of the code, if <img> elements are retrieved. How can you?

Cmd + Shift + T on my Mac responded the following display:

The jar of source code is not attached as default.
It would be better if it is attached as default.


Are you using a free account ? Try to use a KSE account instead.

Is the source available only in KS Enterprize?

It’s OK. I know how to attach source jar files to the project even in the free version KS.

rewrote 9/Nov/2020:

Let me tell you here how I changed Katalon Studio version 7.7.0 free version so that I can view the source code of com.kms.katalon.core.webui.keyword.WebUiBuiltInKeywords class.

  1. In a test case editor pane, type ctrl + shift + T on Windows (cmd + shift + T on Mac), search for verifyAllLinksOnCurrentPageAccessible
  2. In the “Open Type” dialog, enter type name WebUiBuiltInKeywords and search.
  3. You will see Class File Editor opens. It says “The JAR file …/com.kmks.core.webui_xxx.jar” has no source attachment. You can attache the source by cliking Attach Source below:
  4. I cliked the “Attache Source” button, a smaller dialog opens.
  5. I chose “External location / Path” for External File, and specified
  • /Applications/Katalon

on my Mac. (On Windows the parent dir path would be different)

6. Click OK to attache the source jar to the project

When I right-click WebUiBuiltInKeywords in the test case source and choose Open Declaration, the source of the class opened in the editor.

I checked the <projectDir>/.classpath file and found the following fragment:

	<classpathentry kind="lib" 

Here we can see the sourcepath=... attribute is declared which points to the location of webui-sources.jar


I have found a curious thing concerning .classpath file.

In a Katalon Studio project I have make the source code of WebUI keywords visible. I closed the project; and reopened the project. Then the source code of WebUI keywords are turned invisible. Why?

I found the <projectDir>/.classpath file is silently overwritten by Katalon Studio when it opens a project. Any customizations of classpath made in a previous session are forgotten.

It seems that Katalon Studio does not provide a feature for users to customise the classpath definition and make the changes by user eternal. You can change the classpath temporarily but it will NOT be respected in the next session.

Possibly Katalon Studio Enterprise has the source jars for the com.kms.katalon libraries attached when it is built before distribution. In the Free version, the source jars are not attached.

This is not a big issue at all. I will just be aware of this difference. When needed in the KS free version, I can configure the classpath temporarily. All I need to rember is the location of source jar files: /Applications/Katalon on Mac