Please Help i want function click my variable [My English isn’t that good]

it my code
WebUI.doubleClick(findTestObject(‘Object Repository/Page_Learning/Course/Page_Course/DeletedCourse/SelectCourse’,+ ‘data-id=’ + ‘SelectionCourse’))
type Object

i want click my variable [SelectionCourse] in testcast

you are looking for this …

lot of answers is allready in forum, just search

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I spent more time looking for an answer to this in the forum than actually finding the answer in reality. solution for me is simple. create your .csv file with your comma seperated values. add the csv file via the Data Driven tab of the Recorder window. in your test case steps, load in your variables as first step using the loadVars command. if the element you want to click on has an ‘id’ attribute, use the click command as follows:
Command Target Value
Click id=${myVar}

where ${myVar} is a reference to the value of the stored variable.
so if the html element has an id attribute of ‘login’, in the csv file, use the value ‘login’.

The click command will run as Click id=login
hope that makes sense and helps.
To be more succinct - substitute your target with a combination of id=variable where variable is the id of your element in your document…
It’s working for me in Recorder.

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