Perform Action on specific table row

I am facing issue in performing actions for specific row of table
I am dealing with table having data of various countries and I have to select an specific country to perform further actions Such as

country | actions

when trying to perform actions for country CA using katalon, it by default select actions of 1st row after playing script

The below is a beautiful way of handling a similar issue.

With the limited information you have provided, I would say that you are not incrementing an index (for the table’s row). You can create a reference to a cell and use parameterization to increment the row to move up (or down) the table. We would need more information on the table to give you more.

One other point, if the page updates the list of states when you select US, and then has to do the same for the provinces of CA, then you may have to put in a wait, or delay, to allow the change of table information to finish.

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