Passing BDD data with comma

Hi All,
I am facing following issue when trying to execute my BDD script. I am passing three data variables but the test takes first variable data(State) as “1111222333”, combining both State and PolicyholderName values. If I remove the comma in PolicyholderName data, script work fine.
Glad any help on this.

Given some texts
And Entering a valid Date of Loss,State,Policynumber,PolicyholderName
When User clicks on search
Then Some validation texts

  | State| Policynumber | PolicyholderName    |
  |  11    |          11222333|      Test Facility,Inc. |


This should work for you:

Scenario: Verify some scenario
Given something
When user do something
Then user should have following
| Test1 |
| Test2 |
| Test3 |
| Tes,t4|
In Step definitions

Then("^user should have following$")
public void user_should_have_following(List testData) throws Throwable {
#TODO user your test data as desired

Hi Lewis-H, thanks for your reply. Your solution will run four iterations. I need only one run.