Pass what libraries to exclude as an argument through docker run command

I am running an agent which runs a docker command as explained here:
with arguments which then picks the Katalon project and runs the scripts.

Recently I excluded certain default libraries that Katalon provides ( and poi to be specific) from my project (to use my own versions od the said libs) while running the scripts on my IDE and that worked as expected.

However, when I run the same scripts on my agent which loads the katalon container, this new Katalon installation dynamically updates the ‘.classpath’ file and adds the default libraries back into the ‘.classpath’ file (which were originally excluded in the IDE), thus failing my scripts (since it does not pick up my provided version of libs as per the precedence rule).

So, is there a way to pass what ‘libs’ are to be excluded as arguments for this command?
Or, probably a way to specify what ‘classpath’ file should be picked, so that I can create my own and pass it as an argument.

If this is not possible, what other alternative solutions are possible to run my scripts on my agent.

All possible solutions/suggestions are welcome.
Also, let me know if any more info is needed.

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You have ever posted a related discussion in this forum:

You should mention it for other people’s reference and convenience.

I have explained all I could about your question in the previous discussion. Please have a look at it if you haven’t.

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Hey @kazurayam , I had asked this referenced question, but I didn’t think it was related. I will keep this in mind next time.
This question is more about the command that we use to run Katalon on the agent. I wanted to know if we can pass what libraries we want to exclude as a part of the set of arguments that we provide to the docker run command.
The previous question was more related to dependency management in Katalon, which sadly Katalon does not provide.

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The following doc page describes all the options that Katalon Runtime Engine accepts as the command line arguments:

As far as I read the doc, there is no such command line option that enables you to specify which library you want to exclude out of the Katalon bundled libraries.

Docker has nothing to do with the KRE specification.

@kazurayam thank you for sharing this. I have been through this document before. But wanted to make sure that I am not missing anything. Yes, docker has nothing to do with KRE. But we do pass certain arguments like executionProfile, testSuitePath, orgID etc. to Katalon so thought maybe there was a way to pass other args as well.

Not sure if @vu.tran is a part of Katalon team, but if you are please add this as a part of the arguments as well.