Parameters for test suite

I was trying to test multiple applications as a test suite. Some applications allow for cell specific testing by adding a port. I was going to copy paste tests to another test suite and modify port in url. But maintaining may be a pain. Is there anyway to allow user to select parameter to select cell and set variable using Katalon recorder?

Hi @glenn_remar

I haven’t quite understood the specific need, but you can use variables in KR.

You can just replace the value of the variable when you need to change port. Is that enough?

Let me know if that helps.

I also found saw a post that Katalon Studio may be able to do what I am looking for - basically have one test case call another. I could have a test case for each cell call a more generic test case.

Thanks. I went through videos and documentation and believe I can use json or csv to accomplish this. I could either have team members change value in json/csv files before testing the cell or make separate test cases/test suites for each cell. If you wanted to share steps between test cases/test suites, you would have to copy/paste.

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Yes, you can approach it that way. We are working on a mechanism that will enable you to share variables between test cases which will address this problem more adequately. I’ll keep you posted.