Parallel tests execution in the same Jenkins job

How to manage parallel tests execution in the same Jenkins job similarly to parallel execution mode in Katalon Studio?

This is mostly a jenkins question, nothing specific to katalon.
It depends on your specific jenkins setup and on the amount of available executors… And on your understanding of what a ‘job’ means from jenkins point of view.
It can be achievable by using matrix projects instead of the default template but still you need to have available nodes for each intended thread (and ofcourse you need a katalon runtime licence for the each execution node)

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You could setup a test suite collection and set it to parallel mode, then execute that on Jenkins. That would work if you are doing web testing, or have multiple mobile devices hooked up to the node. If you want to execute on different nodes though, you will have to set that up yourself on Jenkins.

Thank you for your reply. My problem was I had not properly committed test suite collection with updated execution mode. Now it looks works as expected.