Parallel execution of suites in suite collection takes screenshot of a different browser for failure

I wanted to run 18 test cases parallely so I created 18 suites with each test case. I put them into a test suite collection with execution property set as “Parallel”.

My test cases are configured in such a way that it will take screenshot if a failure happens. However, if a failure is happening, it is taking the screenshot of a different browser that is running in parallel for another test case.

I have previously run different suites at the same time but never faced this issue before.

## Operating System: Windows 10

## Katalon Studio Version: 7.0

## Katalon Studio logs: Attached.

**## Environment (for Web testing): Chrome **Version 69.0.3497.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)

## Steps to reproduce

1. Create different test cases which takes the screenshot upon failure.

**2. Put these test cases in separte test suites. **

3. Add them to a test suite collection and set the exeuction as Parallel.

4. Run the test suite collection.

## Expected Behavior: It should take the screenshot of own browser for the test case which fails.

## Actual Behavior: It takes screenshot of a different browser for another test case.

Note: When I run test suites individually in parallel without the test suite collection, it takes screenshot of its own browser.


Yes even I am facing this issue. In my case i have just 5 suites in test suite collection which are running in parallel and facing this issue.

Not sure if it is just taking the screenshot of the other browser or completely trying to execute test case on the browser which is launched by a different test case. (I doubt it)

Using katalon version 5.10.1.

If I remember correctly, I believe that the record feature works as a screen capture, which means that whichever browser window is in focus on the main display will get recorded. In fact, if you had the browser minimized, it would capture, say, your desktop instead.

No chance of this as i have executed all my test suites in a katalon container and observed this.

Its confirmed not just screenshot, one test suite is using the browser launched by other test suite.
Observed this issue multiple times now.

This is major BUG , Can not expect these kind of main functional bugs from any framework.
This issue needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Unless you have some kind of custom configuration I’m not aware of, it is absolutely a screen capture. This is for video capture, but I’d be surprised if a 1-frame screen capture was any different (maybe you can provide more proof of your issue?):

Katalon Studio version: 5.10.1

Report settings:





– Test1 will navigate to
– Test2 will navigate to
– These tests will both fail due to the assertion, after an ~15 second delay.

TestSuite1 and TestSuite2:
image image


– Execution Mode is set to “Parallel”.

Observed behavior upon running TestSuiteCollection:
– Test1 fails, as expected, with the following screen capture: (827.9 KB)

– Test2 fails, as expected, with the following screen capture: (933.6 KB)

If that isn’t a screen-capture, I’m not sure what is…

As you can see, it’s simply recording whatever is happening on my main display. Now you could make the case that this is undesirable behavior, which I would agree with.

I am running into the same issue with video capture. Are you aware of any fix for this issue? Thanks,

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