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Hi there,

I’m trying to implement the Page Object Model concept using customer keyword, but unfortunately I can’t import the “com.katalon.kata.selenium.PageTemplate” as it cannot identify PageTemplate class. Hence, I can’t extend the PageTemplate class.

Can some one please help ?


If you are trying to use Custom Keyword Function, just Mention

Syntax : import package.ClassName

Code sample has waitUtil instead of waitUntil.

I tried for POM and I am getting same error and not able to use. Kindly help me on this error… it really help to use POM in katalon.

Import error : import com.katalon.kata.selenium.PageTemplate; in this line.

What happens is that you do not have the dependence of Katalium on your project, you must add the dependency to the clashpath or use gradle.

I feel this library should be added by default to KSE and KRE, can this be remedied? Thanks.


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